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About Us

Mien International Enrichment Network

Southeast Asian and Pacific Islander Health Education Summit Project

Mien International Enrichment Network is partnering with Highline College, local businesses, and community organizations to create one of its kind health education summit to address the health issues within the Southeast Asian Pacific Islander communities.


Health care disparity within the Southeast Asian Pacific Islander communities in Washington State is an ongoing issue that needs to be addressed. Barriers leading to this disparity include lack of access and knowledge of existing resources, lack of awareness and understanding of health issues, and medical care without a cultural context.


In an effort to address this issue, the Southeast Asian and Pacific Islander (SEA&PI) Health Education Summit Committee was formed. The committee consists of a Lao-American physician who works with SEAPI communities and representatives from the Mien, Khmu, Lao, Thai, Pacific Islander, and Cambodian communities.

The event is a one-day community collaborative health summit. The purpose of the event is to educate, engage, and empower the SEAPI community towards better health.


  1. Health Education workshops aimed to provide knowledge/understanding of chronic medical health conditions and mental health issues in the languages of the participants.
  2. Preventative Health: provide diabetes, hypertension screening, vision
  3. Health Resource Fair: representatives from community/state health services
  4. Community engagement: Each community will contribute a cultural component to the event (ie .. cultural showcase during breaks/lunch; cultural games etc.)

Target Populations:

  1. Southeast Asian & Pacific Islander Communities of King County and surrounding areas
    1. Low health literacy population
    2. Non-English speaking population
    3. Underserved communities
  2. Health professionals interested in learning about barriers to healthcare in their communities
  3. Community Health services/programs interested in promoting their services and getting to know the communities in which they serve

Benefits of the Project:

  1. Community Participant Benefits
    1. Opportunity to learn and ask questions about health issues in their own native language
    2. Learn about health resources/services in their community
    3. Learn about shared experiences/health barriers of similar communities
    4. Networking with other community members and health care professionals
  2. Health Professional benefits
    1. A forum to learn about the barriers within their patient population outside of clinical setting
    2. Opportunity to educate community as a whole
  3. Community Health Services benefits
    1. Interact with community members directly to promote services, answer questions