Be the Change You Wish to See in the World.

Join a global initiative to help enriching the lives of Mien people worldwide.

About Us

Mien International Enrichment Network


We help make the world a better place.

Many Mien in the Asian countries are living in poverty as well as illiterate. This prohibits them to advance in society. With your help we can assist those Mien living in the villages with literacy, sanitation and providing clean water. Your donation will also help with spreading awareness and preserving the Mien culture. We thank you.

Why should I donate to Mien International Enrichment Network?

Mien International Enrichment Network is a nonprofit organization that is founded and operated by leaders who had lived the experiences of those who are in needs. One hundred percent of your donation will go directly to address these needs. 

How does Mien International Enrichment Network use donations?

Your donations will help provide education, community development, promote health and sanitation, preserve the Mien culture.

What impact can one donation have on the world?

Your donation can enhance the lives of the Mien. Whether it goes towards educating them about the history of their culture, assisting them in their pursuit of a career, or providing clean water to the villages. Every donation helps and can save a life.